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​Healthy Grambogård pigs raised on herbs

Like the apple-fed pigs, our healthy pigs raised on herbs are the result of Grambogård’s development work that combines animal welfare with great taste. A healthy, free-range pig’s life in the large loose-housing sheds is the basis of our herb-fed pigs, too.

Herbs and health

In line with contemporary thinking, we wondered: how can we boost our pigs’ immune systems using a natural diet? Our thoughts turned to human health, with herbs playing a major role in our diet, lotions, beverages, and so on. Lots of people take dietary herbal supplements every day. Why shouldn’t herbs give our pigs a boost, too?

Natural supplement

Grambogård’s herb-fed pigs are given a daily feed supplement consisting of five different Danish herbs blended with Danish runny honey. We regard our herbal blend as a natural dietary supplement – just for pigs.