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​Happy Grambogård pigs raised on apples

Pigs raised on apples enjoy the same healthy pig’s life as all the other Grambogård pigs: fresh straw, room to move around, access to feed round the clock, fresh water, and peace and harmony in the loose-housing shed. Pigs raised on apples are another example of Grambogård’s constant innovation to develop exciting new meat varieties.

Animal welfare that leaves a good taste in your mouth

Animal welfare is the pivotal point, and the objective is tasty meat – and the feed we use plays an important part here. As with people: you are what you eat! A great deal of development work went into producing apple-fed pigs in late summer 2006. Back then, we were just starting to nurture Grambogård’s very own happy Christmas pigs, which are allowed to live on tasty Funen apples, cereals, straw and vitamins during fattening.

A day in the life of a pig raised on apples

Each herd of approx.30 pigs raised on apples has a great time in the pigsties. They nose around and root in the straw to find the 50-60 kg of apples we “hide” for them – which they then devour noisily and with much delight every day. The animals enjoy apples on the menu for the last 6 weeks of their life until they reach the ideal slaughter weight of 90 kg.

Fructose adds flavour

Apple-fed pigs have a great life. And you can tell by the taste. We ascribe the dark glow of the meat and its unique, full flavour to the lovely fructose in Funen apples.