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​Welfare of the pigs

Active animals

Pigs naturally spend as much as 45% of the day being active, and the remainder of the time resting. This is why Grambogård pigs roam freely in large, airy loose-housing sheds and have access to feed round the clock. In addition, they have deep straw bedding to root in, and fresh straw every day. This way, we ensure that our pigs are contented and happy. Obviously, it can be difficult to tell when pigs are happy, but if they are not bullying their fellows and they have curly tails, these are good indications – and that is the case with our Grambogård pigs.

There is also a legal requirement for access to rooting and enrichment materials. We are fully compliant with this: our loose-housing sheds have 40–60 cm of deep straw bedding – depending on the season.

Slow, natural growth

Grambogård pigs are allowed to grow slightly larger than most other pigs. A Grambogård pig eats approximately 20% more feed than a conventional pig during the fattening period. This is because they have plenty of room to run around, so they burn off more energy. We slaughter our pigs when their weight reaches approximately 90 kg. Our pigs take a little longer than other pigs to reach this weight because they move about so much in the sheds. As a rule, the pigs are ready for slaughter when they are roughly 6 months old, and the same, familiar staff ensure gentle handling of the animals both in the shed and on the way to the slaughterhouse.