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​The welfare of cattle at Grambogård

In the summer

In the summer, the young cattle enjoy free-range life – typically along the coastal areas of Funen or South Jutland – with plenty of clover, herbs and grass.

The cattle grow up quite naturally, and we do not force maximum growth of the animals in the shortest possible time, as happens in many other places.

In the winter

During the cold months of the year, our cattle roam freely inside large, open loose-housing sheds on a warm, thick layer of straw or soft mattresses. During this period, the animals’ menu includes maize, cereals, rapeseed, soya seeds and sunflower seed.

Beef at its best

In our experience, meat from bullocks and heifers offers the best marbling and taste – which is why all Grambogård beef is from bullocks or heifers.

A tranquil life from start to finish

Throughout the fattening period, the cattle are tended by designated Grambogård staff who are passionate about their work. This gives the animals security and a tranquil life. The close, unique partnership between farmer and butcher takes care of the needs of the animals. At the same time, this partnership ensures our beef is a gourmet sensation.

Tender meat with a satisfyingly rich taste

Our modern slaughterhouse, opened in 2004, is compliant with food safety regulations, and we treat our animals and our meat as gently as possible. The animals are slaughtered immediately on arrival at the slaughterhouse. We believe that traditional and lengthier ageing methods make for more tender meat with a more intense flavour. The back meat of the cattle is then dry-aged for about 3–4 weeks before vacuum packing.