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​The welfare of Grambogård calves

Milk builds the calf’s strength

At Grambogård, we take really good care of our calves. During the first two months of their life, Grambogård calves have access to milk around the clock. The milk is full of extra nutrients and energy, allowing the little calf to grow in strength until it is ready to move on to pelleted feed, straw and hay. We weigh our young calves every 14 days so we can closely monitor their growth and health. Each calf is under daily supervision.

Playful calves

When the calves are big enough, they are moved together into large loose-housing sheds with a thick layer of soft straw, among other calves of the same age. Here, they can play and grow strong together. There is plenty of room for the playful young animals to romp about. We spread fresh bedding daily so that each calf has the equivalent of approx. 2 kg of fresh straw every day.

High level of care; low mortality rate

The animals roam freely on fresh straw in the calf shed, where a close eye is kept on them. When it comes to animal welfare and calves, mortality is a major problem nationwide. Things are different at Grambogård. Our losses are just one-third of the national average. This low rate is partly due to our close working relationship with the veterinarian and the staff who put their heart and soul into working with the animals.

Calm and curious glances

In the calf shed, there is peace and harmony among the young animals. They are accustomed to humans and are consistently handled with patience and care. That’s because our key mission is to have happy animals. And the better we treat our animals, the easier they are to work with. This works in the favour of the animals and the staff when it’s time for the animals to move on from the farm to be slaughtered; the farms are typically only about 10 km from the slaughterhouse.