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​Moving is all about ethics and taste

At Grambogård, we have strict requirements for the movement of animals. Our principles and approach apply here, too, and our staff understand this. This is why respect and consideration while the animals are being moved are also part of our concept. This way, the animals avoid stress.

We have set ourselves the following requirements:

Generally, only 15 km to the slaughterhouse, but no more than 2 hours on the move.

Slaughter immediately after arrival.

Only direct transport – no stopovers.

Designated members of Grambogård staff handle the animals.

Quality transport – and you can tell by the taste

Stress deposits in the meat make the meat tough and give it a high pH-value. In veal, this means that the meat becomes dark and hard. In pork, this means that the meat is almost white and aqueous, and in beef, the meat is almost black and dry. The welfare of our animals while on the move is therefore also a matter of good quality when our products leave Grambogård en route to our customers.