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​The slaughterhouse

Craftsmanship and attitude

At our modern slaughterhouse, which is fully compliant with food safety regulations, we treat the meat from our animals as gently as possible in order to retain all its favourable characteristics – both taste and texture. We believe in the craftsmanship of the traditional butcher, and we take our time ageing our meat to intensify the flavour and make the meat more tender:

– the meat is cooled in the traditional way for 12 hours before we start cutting it

– veal is dry-aged for 1-2 weeks before packing

– we cut the meat by hand to enable us to follow the natural contours and muscle structure of the meat

– our sausages are made with milk, not soya protein and water

Tranquil surroundings

The animals come to the slaughterhouse from peaceful, harmonious surroundings, and slaughtering proceeds without any unnecessary stress for the animals. They are not on the move for long – two hours at most. And we slaughter pigs, calves and lambs separately, and only one at a time. This way, we maintain animal welfare to the very end.

Great taste is no accident

Gentle slaughtering also results in better meat. If the animals are stressed, the meat can become tough and acquire a sour taste. The combination of carefully-selected feed, a long period of nurture and perfect ageing of the meat for up to four weeks results in tender meat with a delicious flavour. The timeless craftsmanship of farming and butchering combined with tomorrow’s standards of animal welfare go hand in hand from the birth of the animals right through to when the finished, tasty meat is served.


We cut the meat by hand, and we are happy to produce special cuts for our customers on request. This makes for more satisfied customers and better utilisation of the animal, ensuring greater variety and something different when it comes to culinary sensations. So, if you have unconventional ideas or requests, please feel free to ask.