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​Happy animals are tasty animals

Grambogård is a small, independent Funen slaughterhouse. We are passionate about our work, and we work exclusively with specially selected, responsible farmers who, like us, put their heart and soul into their work. As far as we are concerned, animal welfare and delicious flavour come first.

Loving our animals and our craftsmanship

Our philosophy is based on ethical responsibility, local proximity and quality. In order to achieve our goal, we combine respect, care and love for our animals with good craftsmanship. This applies right the way through – from the birth of the animals, the choice of feed, a good life and dignified slaughter through to the careful handling, ageing and cutting of the meat.

Happy animals are our starting point and happy customers are our goal. And you can tell by the taste. This is why we say that happy animals are tasty animals.

Happy animals. Good craftsmanship. A clear conscience. Bon appétit!